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Life among the oranges

Still Revamping

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Revamping - We have been living in the same house for 20 years now and thing have stacked up. Found boxed packed in 89 still unopened.

We (DH & myself) have started the garage yesterday. Wew, there's a lot of stuff that needs to sorted. Found a lot of just plain old junk that will be trashed. Might have to call the trash guys to schedule a pick date. We live in the county, so for large stuff, you call and they will bring the truck that has a arm for picking up things.

Plan of getting the Bok-Choy out in the garden later today.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Isn't it amazing how fast time goes, you set a few boxes aside thinking, "Well, I'll get to them later in the week" and before you know it, 20 years has flown by and they're still sitting in a back corner somewhere!

    Depending on your area you might want to check on Craigslist for Junk collectors who will pick up the whole lot (from the end of your driveway). We frequently lug stuff out to the curb and stick a "Free" sign on it when we're decluttering. It's absolutely AMAZING the things people will lug off!

    On the other hand, this is entirely dependent on the area you live in and whether you feel comfortable using craiglist. Lately, with the robberies near us, I'm less comfortable giving anyone excuses to linger on our property.

    Your Bok Choy sounds lovely! I was thinking of growing some this year. Do you can or freeze any of it for later or just enjoy it fresh?
  2. dct9000's Avatar
    We set the "good" stuff out for others, we do have a freecycle web site to list that there somethings to pick up. Most of it I take to our ARC, this helps the handicap folks here with jobs and training. What I call the trash guys for is real trash only.

    I spent time in Korea and just got use to cooking with Bok Choy so we use it fresh. I do can meats that I get on sale for later.