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Life among the oranges


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Been busy the last few days cleaning out the house. I got the bedroom and the closet done. Started the sewing room, but still need to work more on it. It really feels good to let go of stuff that we don't/won't use anymore. I have all the clothes and other things bagged to take to our A.R.C.
Got carrots and onions coming up in the garden. For the past 2 years had a hass avocado growing on the sun porch so this year out into the yard it go's. Last year I started another one growing. Need to wait a few more weeks till I put out the sweet potatoes slips. Need to make sure that we won't have another frost.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Wow, Sounds like you've been busy! I would love to grow an avocado here, they're neat plants, but it gets a bit too cold for far too long. Well, unless of course we kept it indoors.