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Happy Groundhog Day!

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I guess we'll see today if little puxatonney phil saw his shadow and whether or not we have 6 more weeks of winter-. . . which begs the question, have we really had winter at all?

Our temps for today are 77-80, in February! Normally we are trying to finagle some way to head SOUTH for a few days to escape the cold. For instance, last year at this time we had frozen pipes in the barn.

How's winter looking in your neck of the woods? OR

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    This has been a wild winter in South Dakota. I have to admit that I am particularly enjoying every bit of it! Here it is February 5 and we are to be in the 40's. As far as snow goes there is some still in shaded areas but for the most part everything is brown. For awhile in January the grass actually started to look like it was going to start turning green. On the news the other night they actually recommended to water trees and plants to ensure they receive enough moisture. We have set several record highs throughout December and January. Sad part is even though I am enjoying the warmer temperatures and the lack of snow, I sure miss not getting a "snow day" off.