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MRI's and Sheets

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DH had a MRI done today. He has been off since Dec 30, when he fell from a bucket truck at work. The fall wasn't that bad, but he had already injured his back in two other falls. I am hoping that he can medical retire from work. If he does we are planning to sell my car, that would save us on tags, insurance, and gas/maintenance.
Found the MYO recipe for "Stir-Fry Seasoning", we eat a lot of stir-frys, and can hardly wait to try it. With the weather so good here, I am hanging out my sheets today. Gota love the way they smell when you make the bed. Just think I get good smelling clothes for free and it doesn't cost anything to dry them. Can you say "two-for"

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Ugh, sorry to hear about your hubby, I know how scary & painful back injuries can be for the whole family, I watched dh plummet off a roof last fall, we were installing a steel roof and it was the first frost of the season. He went up the ladder, walked across the ridge and whoooosh, down the other side. Very Freaky to see & hear. I can't really imagine falling off a bucket truck! Very Scary!! I hope he feels better soon, back pain is miserable. The weather is beautiful here as well, very mild winter compared to the last few.