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Been hectic!

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Fully recovered from family death and pneumonia and Strep throat. Lost my part time job over it all but that's ok too. My kitchen stove has gone out again. Bought it 2 years ago and the oven has gone out 5 times so far. Each time the part takes 5 to 7 months to come in so not had an oven very often. Thank goodness for old reliable over in the pole barn summer kitchen! I make everything from scratch so use my oven a lot. But it is a pain to hike over there and do all the baking. I've been shopping for a new kitchen stove and have found one so far that meets my needs and praise the good Lord it's made in the USA! Giving up most of the grocery money for February to get it!

I finally got another posting to my Food Storage blog done. Worked on it for most of a week before I got it done at last.

Lots of distractions with kids all at home right now. Son's got a call for an apartment yesterday so went running down the road 90 miles to get that started. Ran all over St Joseph, MO getting utilities turned on and they'll get the keys on Tuesday morning. Oldest daughter decided she wants to go to cosmetology school before she goes to get her music degree. Applying to 3 different schools and she's finally decided to go to the one in KS. Another thing that has us running crazy. Got another kid moving in on Monday as her job in Wash DC didn't work out. She was working as a nanny but they never gave her a written contract and 5 month's later they had only paid her $150 instead of the $750 per month plus room and board and 2 days off each week. She'll take over #1 daughters job as Hostess at a local restaurant, we hope! I've had to share my computer with a couple kids so It's been crazy.

Anyway, I'm here and still running crazy!


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  1. dct9000's Avatar
    Wow, that's a lot going on. Know how you feel, I had my daughter and grandchildren move in and out several times in the past few years too. Hectic but worth it.

    Going over to read your Food Storage blog.