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Lifes Little Blessings

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On occasions in life, it is necessary to stop and appreciate the little things. Yesterday was an unusually gorgeous day, t-shirt weather in the middle of January, if you can believe that! It was the first time in months that dh and I had a chance to spend a couple hours together horseback riding and we had a blast. Having this time reminded me of how important it is to appreciate the little things in life, those are the items that we tend to remember years down the road.

. . . Like sitting on the porch at camp, drinking coffee, watching the sunrise
. . . Or seeing the first few snow crocuses pop up through the chilled ground and open up into gorgeous splays of yellow, pink and purple.
. . . Seeing your kids succeed at something they care about, or even seeing your friends kids succeed, (Congratulations Andrew on your derby win!!)

These are life's little blessings and it's nice to take a moment to enjoy them fully.

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  1. cincomommy's Avatar
    What a good post.. After I read it I looked up at my kids who were running around playing and thought, "These are my little blessings =)" I love my life!! I want to remember these precious moments forever.