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Out with the Old, In with the New!

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I can hardly believe that in just a couple short days, the New year will be rolling in. The last few weeks have been busy, filled with long hours working, running the kids all over the place, taking care of the house and property to prepare for winter.
Interestingly enough, the weather hasn't been very "winter" like here- we've been in the mid 70's for most of December. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I LOVE that I can open the windows all day long and enjoy the fresh air and not have to pay for Heat! Things just don't seem "right" when the seasons are off like this.

The other day, while taking care of a stack of freshly folded laundry, it occurred to me that I REALLY needed a bigger closet- a way to separate dh's ever growing stack of clothes from my own fairly meager stack. He has several different sets of clothing- work shirts, work pants, business shirts, business pants, personal "junk" clothes, personal dress clothes, etc. Quite frankly, I've never seen a man with so many different types of clothing.

I, on the other hand, don't really have many clothes. I'm not a shopper, in fact - I'm not a fan of shopping at all. My big "clutter" creator in my closet happens to be Books, CD-Roms (mostly photos!) and Crafting supplies for whatever weird project I can dream up next. With that in mind I convinced my wonderful hubby (with very little prodding) to remove the overly large garden tub in our bath, add a wall and convert 1/4 of our bathroom into a 5'x8' walk-in closet. I'm really looking forward to getting everything organized and put away in my own personal space. We just put the final coat of drywall mud on & I'm waiting for it to dry, then I'll have to (very lightly sand and paint in the morning). A fairly simple, inexpensive project requiring a few 2x4's, a couple outlets, some wire, an inexpensive light, a couple sheets of drywall (some mud/tape) and a few hours. I can't wait to put everything away in it's new spot!

I finally took the time to update my own cookbook as well. You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to go on my website to print out my OWN recipes because I haven't had time to update my own cookbook! I figured since I was already updating the recipe cards, I'd create pdf pages of each & every recipe as I create them and will be adding them to the site downloads as well. So far, I've converted over 100+ recipes, printed them and added them in my cookbook.

I had to run into town this morn and grab some drywall for the bathroom and was thrilled to find large jars of pectin for only .40 each, and the expiration date is good until 2014; Looks like I'll be making lots of jams and jellies this year!

What's everyone been up to? Any New Years Resolutions planned for 2012?

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