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Motherhood, I've learned, never really slows down regardless of the kids ages. When they were little I used to rush around trying to keep the house cleaned, the toys picked up, their little faces & hands cleaned, handprints off the walls & windows and keep up with my career.

Now, they're both teenagers and instead of running around the house trying to keep up with them, I'm running all over the state! I've gotten quite an education the last few weeks in the very serious sport of Wrestling- little did I know the lengths that kids went through for this particular sport.

My (incredibly LEAN) teen needed to Lose a few pounds before the tournament to "make weight". Yes, for those of you that are sitting in your seat wondering what the heck I'm talking about- the kids have various weight classes for the sport and if they don't make their weight, they don't wrestle. It's that simple... except that it's not.

It entails them working out, conditioning daily, changing our household meal schedule & menu plan and then, as if that weren't enough, having to dispel various unhealthy "tips and tricks" that he keeps coming home with-
One Senior, ( a state champ) told my son that he could lose up to 5 pounds overnight by wrapping his buck naked self in plastic trash bags and sleeping in those for the night, with lots of blankets over him.

Needless to say, if it can't be done right with diet and exercise, it won't be happening at all, Not in MY house. The tournaments begin EARLY, the next one requires us to be at the school at 5 am in the morning, to allow for traveling time. Since the economy is in the tank - there aren't any "activity" or "athletic" transportation available, so it looks like we'll be hauling as many as we can fit into our car. Last week oldest ds brought the flu home to the fam- so I spent 2 nights getting up every couple hours to "dose" him with my "witchy cures", as they like to call them. We managed to get it out of his system pretty quickly- which is awesome considering his asthma and then youngest ds caught it. Couple days of hell with him too, and just as I think I might finally get to sleep through a night, dh catches it. Nothing says love like a snotty cough in your face at 3 am . . .

In between multiple wrestling matches throughout the week, practices every single day, youngest ds selectively "remembers" that he has a Holiday concert that he's performing in, which we'll be heading to directly after practice - and "oh, by the way", the cases of fruit from the school fundraiser are in too and could I just "swing" by and pick them up, after wrestling, but before the concert- which are at completely different schools.

Well, sure, I could- but I already borrowed a 28' flat bed trailer to pick up 20 round bales of Hay for the horses- and I only have it for a few hours- but okay, no problem, I'll just have make a trip today and then go again first thing in the morning for the other 10 bales.

So, like always, I agreed - only to discover when I got home that oldest ds "volunteered" my cooking skills for his Spanish class. But, he informed me, "it's no problem because you can do everything that I need on friday morning."

Hmm.. would that be before or after I keep my appointment with the guy that so kindly agreed to load the hay onto the trailer for me on 2 separate days to fit everything into my schedule!?!


The kids will be on "vacation" soon, but the barn needs painting, the chicken coop needs cleaning, new recipes need to be added to the site, I have a literal STACK of recipes that I've jotted down to try- some interesting ideas that came to me at weird hours of the night, and a list of emails I swear there's got to be at least 700+ that NEED a response.

I'll be sharing my favorite flu remedy shortly too- all of our friends around us are getting the flu and it's lasting 8-10 days, so far, in our house, it's lasting about 72 hours- but then again, only 3 of us have had it, (knock on wood!).

So folks, if I'm a little behind in answering your questions, or responding to your posts- (Kim- btw, while I'm thinking of it, I've responded to your post about the boys & violin 3 different dat gum times- Facebook HATES my blackberry apparently!!) I swear, I'm not ignoring you, I just have too many irons in the fire these days.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    We couldn't function without the twenty million things to do at one time and you know it. I am hoping to find out what it will be like to have nothing to do someday.........