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Marathon Cooking Weekend, apparently!

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Yesterday I thought we'd try for a Marathon cooking day- I made 9 pounds of fudge- peanut butter, maple walnut, and chocolate, 3 pounds of Cinnamon Candied nuts- almonds, walnuts and pecans, peppermint bark popcorn, gingerbread peeps, sea salt caramels, Snow mountain drop cookies and gingered coconut whipped cream.
The peppermint bark popcorn was an unexpected hit - the kids couldn't seem to stop munching it. Everytime I turned around they were heading out of the kitchen with another handful smuggled against their chest and big grin on their faces. KIDS. lol
Of course, in between batches of candies and cookies I had to set up the round pen and work the horses a bit. They're getting a little too lazy for their own good! I went out to bring them a treat yesterday morning and my young gelding flattened his ears back and acted as though he was going to bite me. I've already had a chunk taken out of my shoulder, I don't think I want to play that game again. A half hour of lunging in the round pen really changed his sour attitude.
I even managed, at about 10 last night to share a couple of the recipes on the site. I have another list of items to make today- almond spritz cookies, peppermint sugar cookies, Rice krispie date balls, my version of chex mix- I've tweaked it, several different cocoa mixes for gift basket additions, needhams and dh is digging furiously through my cookbooks and recipe trying to convince me we need to cook MORE.

I suppose, I'd better get off the computer & get cooking, the family is waiting!

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I love marathon cooking days! I can't wait plan my next one! Glad the horse changed his mood!