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BOYCOTT Walgreens

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I was so disgusted when I saw a news story this morning about a Walgreens employee who was robbed at work and then FIRED for protecting himself! The walgreens he worked at was robbed once before in 2007- the man begged walgreens to put in a panic button in case of another robbery, they said "NO". He asked them to change the store policy of opening during power outages and they said "NO". So they were Robbed again- and the robbers attempted to shoot the employee 3 times! He pulled his own gun out, (Legally owned, and YES, He had his Concealed Weapons Permit) and Fired BACK at the Multiple Robbers and WALGREENS FIRED Him for Protecting himself.

I am BOYCOTTING Walgreens until they Apologize to this Man Publicly and give him his job back WITH A RAISE Like he Clearly Deserves!!!!

Walgreens sued by pharmacist who stopped robbery with handgun -


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