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Any ideas for me???

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So, I am getting remarried in October. I am very excited. We are on a tight budget, and looking for any ideas to help cut corners. I have already made my bouquets (sunflowers and red highlight flowers), and my dress is burgundy colored. We have the hall for free (great blessing) and the food will be inexpensive. So need ideas for the cake, and anything else I can't think of right now.

And a close friend is marrying us so I did think of that already-LOL.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    You should post this in the Weddings Forum:

    Wedding Events

    You'll probably get a better response there

    One thing that's lovely to do is to purchase a few disposable cameras and place one on each table with a little note attached. The note should read something like, "We'd love to see photos of our wedding from your point of view, Please take a few shots for the Bride and groom". Or something to that effect so the guests know they shouldn't take the cameras home with them.

    It'll give you a different perspective of the event. As for a photographer- Do you have a shutterbug in the family? It seems most families have at least 1 who would be thrilled to take photographs. If not, it's worth it to hire a decent one.

    From your post I can't tell if you Need suggestions on food, or if it's already taken care of . . . oh, and by the way Congratulations on your Engagement and upcoming Wedding!!!