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Life up North.

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So last year in June I moved to Michigan. Pretty country-alot colder than the south I am use to. And I now have a total of 7 kids, plus 2 neices I care for up here. Alot of things I have learned on this site has helped me keep my grocery budget down, even with all those mouths to feed. The best one is my muffin recipe-I have to make it like every other day, but the kids love it.

Now, what I need is any ideas on how to get cheap airfare for 3 kids. Long story why I need to pay for it, and this isn't the place to go into it. Any suggestions would help.


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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I'm normally pretty DG when it comes to finding plane ticket deals, but you left out some vital info- where are they flying from and where are they flying to? (Airports/Cities nearest), and also, do you have transportation to them if they fly into or out of an airport that is within 50 miles of your intended destination?

    Will you have lots of luggage, or do you travel light? Are they unaccompanied minors or will you be flying with them? This makes a HUGE difference because many of the airlines have fees upwards of $100 per KID per Direction if they are "Unaccompanied". Not too long ago when I bought tickets for my kids, it was literally cheaper for me to buy an extra ticket for myself, fly with them, drop them off and fly home.

    What ages are the kids, do you have one that is 15 or over, if so, certain airlines will allow that child to be "responsible" for the other 2 depending on the ages of the "other 2".

    Lots of questions here hon, but your post was a bit too vague to offer decent help.

    Hugs & Nice to see you back on the boards,

  2. bamo72's Avatar
    I know Southwestern considers under 12 unaccompanied. I have a 9 yo, 12 yo and 14 yo, so if I use them, then no extra fees for the older two boys. They all would have carry on bags-no checked luggage. They would fly from Detroit, MI to somewhere near Providence RI. As for transportation on the RI end-no clue. Father doesn't say much to me (Just the way I like it). I am not too concerned about some extra fees, cause I am responsible for only half, but can see me ended up with it all. By the time they do fly out though, one will be 15 yo.

    Hope this can help you help me!! LOL
  3. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Unfortunately - you're going to pay an unaccompanied minor fee for the 9 year old, the 12/14 yo's won't be "old" enough to "watch" him/her. Also, they'll book your tickets online and say it's okay and THEN when you travel and check in at the airport, that's when they'll slap you with the fee. Cheapest price I could find was through DTW (which is actually Detroit Metro) to Boston (which is 56 miles from Providence, but half the price) and the tickets would be $113. each - that's Round trip on Spirit Airlines.

    Without all the info- dates for flying, etc, that's about all I can do. I use travelocity for all of our flights- but sometimes I find the flight numbers and then contact the airline Directly, particularly if the kids are flying alone.

    You'll have to check each airline individually for their unaccompanied minors policy. I don't know of any that will allow a 14 year old to "watch" a 9 year old without paying the exorbitant fee of $50-100 per direction, per child. Also, most airlines require that the flights be "direct" rather than switching planes, or they add on an additional fee. Btw, Did you know that it's only a 10-12 hour drive to Providence from detroit. It's not that far- My Sperm Donating "father" lived North of Detroit and we lived in Maine, it was a 15 hour drive when I had to "visit" the bastard. Perhaps you could drive halfway and meet him halfway. It would be a lot less expensive.
  4. bamo72's Avatar
    Thanks. Have been toying with the idea of meeting him halfway, but then he starts with my car can't make it, I don't have the money for gas, etc. And since he hasn't contact me yet with any info, not sure it will every happen.

    BTW-LOVED the "My Sperm Donating father" comment. Made me laugh!!!