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Cleaning Up & Cleaning Out

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Sometimes in life you have to clean house. I'm not talking about your physical home, although living in a cluttered environment takes its own toll; I'm talking about all of the things in your life that cause a drain on you emotionally- and sometimes physically.

This morning, I deleted my personal Facebook account. Yes, I had a number of old friends on there, most school day chums from over 20 years ago. I had a few family members on there as well. But... here's the kicker for me... the more "Social" apps I seem to have in my life, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc, the less I seem to actually "Connect" with the people I care about.

Gone are the days of a phone conversation catching up on what's going on with friends and family. Instead, they're replaced by emotionless text - often taken the wrong way. I share bits and pieces of my life, only to wonder if anyone's even listening or following and then it occurred to me, I'm Wasting time and energy on things that do absolutely NOTHING for me. They aren't enriching my life, they're creating drama and frustration, not too mention security issues for my family.

So, in an era of technological "advance", I'm taking a step back and looking at what's important to me. I figure, the telephone still rings on both ends, roads still go both ways and there are always going to be people in our lives that are not happy or content with what we have to offer and who we are as people.

The key to inclined happiness is simply finding a healthy balance in what you're willing to put up with in your own life & what forces you to put your foot down and say, "enough already".

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  1. bamo72's Avatar
    I agree that people seem to be losing their social skills by depending on things like facebook. But I also know (at least in my case) I have move 600 miles away from my family, and I can share pictures and updates quickly with my family through facebook. And my mother and I can talk every night by IM while allowing both of us to do things around the house. But I still call my mom once a week to talk. And I only have facebook, no other social networks. So maybe moderation is the key after all.

    (I also met my finance on facebook so I am partial to it )