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Halloween in July . . .

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Ok, so I've decided to skip right past christmas in July and went straight to halloween in July! After spending the day stripping a roof in 100+ degree heat the other day, I decided to spend some time creating some new Halloween Crafts/ Decor to share with you all. Here's the kicker though, It's not going to publish on the site until September! I can't wait, they are so cute! So stay tuned folks, some really cool new Halloween crafts and decor on are their way!

While we were in Alaska, dh had a rather interesting Ice Cream flavor, Licorice. This particular flavor makes me gag, hell, the Smell of licorice makes me gag, but since dh loves it, I thought I'd try my hand at making a nice smooth, creamy ice cream of it. He absolutely LOVED it. Truth be told, I'm not sure which part he loves most, the part that it's Licorice flavored or the part where it's entirely his and no one will touch it without having to tell everyone to Leave it alone!

If anyone thinks they'd like to give it a whirl, give me a holler and I'll share the recipe I created.

I'm off to help dh strip another roof this morning, according to the news I just saw, the heat index for today is 112F. I figured that if he had to endure that heat, he shouldn't endure it alone.

I hope everyone's week is going well and that you're all staying out of the extreme heat that seems to be hitting the country right now!

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