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1st full day of summer

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Summer is officially here and we've had to close all our windows and pondering turning on the heat! Suppose to get up to 66 today but doubt we make it! usually in 80's & 90's here this time of year! Sure strange weather but at least we are getting rain again after several weeks without a drop! going back to work full time to get our heads back above water here. Little stuff started piling up since our emergency reserve got wiped out 2 years ago so I'll wipe out the pile and renew our reserve so Murphy can move out of house! working hard and getting our garden finished up. We had planned to do it over 5 years but we decided to just jump in and get our beds done this year. Feeling a strong urge to plant them all and have a good food supply put away this Fall! Don't get online much anymore. My desktop died awhile back so down to just my laptop. We are no longer replacing anything electric when it dies. So no more desk top and my drier went also. Love line dried clothes and already laid in a nice in door drying rack for this winter. Built our iceless fridge and it's staying around 40 degree's so will be able to survive without the fridge when it goes some where down the road. If I totally disappear you'll know my lap top died too! Going very simple here and loving every moment of it!

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  1. beths's Avatar
    I've just made it bk and hoping you have not totally disappeared!