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Impending Storms

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I hope that the slurry of storms the past couple weeks has passed our members by without any damage! The past 2 weeks many homes in our area have gotten hammered with Tornado's and hail. As such, dh is scrambling to get hail damaged roofs repaired (replaced!) and I've been spending most of my time either stripping them or picking up the mess on the ground & keeping things cleaned up in case a new storm moves through.

We were supposed to have sunny skies until tomorrow, but apparently the next string of storms is due to hit by mid-afternoon today. So, instead of a couple new recipes, photos and tips- I'm off to get covered in tar, shingle crunchies and sweat, Again!

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Stay safe. We are at 70 degree weather her in California this week. Hope the garden holds up
  2. Liss's Avatar
    wow, what a day, I don't have a single part of me that doesn't ache. I stripped one side of the roof and tar papered while dh lay shingles. Between just the 2 of us, we completely stripped and re-roofed a house in day in half, including complete clean-up. The only downfall was that as we were nailing down the caps (over the vents) it started thundering, Lightening and then down poured. I figured screw it, it needs to be done, so we just kept working.
    Finally home and relaxing, discovered that olive oil works pretty good to get tar off the hands without ripping skin off with it.
    Just seeing on the news that this storm also caused a major accident 30 vehicles and a Big Rig. Nikki, glad to see you're enjoying calm skies! It's been in the 80's & 90's here all week, a humid 76 now.
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    You deserve a hot cup of tea and a candle lit bubble bath. Glad you got it done but wow. I'm sure you!ll be sore tomorrow too.