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I'm so sad

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I've been teaching a free Emergency Prep class in my area. Taught a class the other night about 75 miles away from home. On the way home I was going 50 to 55 MPH and the speed limit was 60MPH so I stepped on the gas to speed up a little and the gas peddle speed up on it's own so I hit the brake and it released the gas peddle. I stayed at 55MPH and the next thing I knew I had flashing lights behind me. 10 seconds of going over the speed limit and I got a ticket even after I told the HWY Patrolman what had happened. We had a nice chat and good laugh because it's the family joke about Mom can't break the law ever because they'd be right there to catch me. Each and every time. Cost me $117 for the stupid gas peddle sticking and revving up on it's own. I've taken it in a couple times to be checked but they insist there is nothing wrong. Will teach the other 4 classes that have been scheduled and then give it up I guess.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I use to have a car that the gas peddle would stick and of course no one could find what was wrong when I took it to the shop. Then my Dad tinkered a little with it and there was a screw in the distributer (sp) that was just a little loose. We adjusted it and I never had problems after that.

    I know that you are a little down about getting the ticket, but do not let that be the reason to give up teaching the classes. You have really helped so many people and you truly enjoy doing this.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Thank You! DH finally found a cruise control made for this car (2011 model) so when he installs that I'll have him check the other thing to see if we can stop it from doing it again!
  3. Liss's Avatar
    I know that you'd like to keep offering the classes for free, but I really feel that you should get at least $5-10 per person, to at least cover your traveling expenses. A good friend of mine offers EMT training and started out at only $10 and now gets really decent pay for each class because people seek him out for his style and thoroughness. I am QUITE sure that your classes are well worth $10. Sorry to hear about the ticket, that's so frustrating!