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got hit with the swine flu 2 weeks ago. I had had it as a kid back in the 1960's so it was a little better this time around. for 3 days I wouldn't let anyone in my room (DH got booted out to the sofa) Both ends were running nonstop and couldn't keep anything down. finally got was able to stomach back tea and coke and have gone on from there. but complications set in. My intestines were severely infected. I got pneumonia. Ended up at the Doctor's and got antibiotic, ect to get me over this mess. While down for the count I pulled out a quilt I had started 30 years ago. It is entirely hand made and hand quilted. Thursday I finished it and am giving it to my eldest son who will have his 30th birthday tomorrow. Yes I started it when he was a newborn baby and thought he should have it. Hopefully very soon I will be back up and running. None of my usual flu cures worked this time to prevent this and nothing would stay down so was no help afterwords either. But the good news is I've lost 10 pounds! Now if I can just keep it off!

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  1. splashangel's Avatar
    I'm sorry you were so sick....But really glad for the finished quilt and loss of ten pounds!