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Happy Friday!!

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Well its Friday. Things have calmed down on the homefront here!! I hope to see smooth sailing for a while. (keeping fingers crossed) The usual drama at home with the kids.... "This guy is adorable, I want to ask this girl out mom, Mom can I have a ten for gas??" I really love being a Mom. I know that right after halloween I will start hearing the "I wants" but thats ok, they know that in order to get you have to give and my plan this year is to take the kids to the local soup kitchen and help on Thanksgiving day. I am looking forward to this!!

Its a bit chilly outside and they are calling for some rain....I am pleading for it not to change to "sn*w"!!

Keep warm Yall!!!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Lynn, at least it is friday, so if it does sn*w hopefully you will need to go anywhere over the weekend and can sit back and enjoy the view
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    LOL, I think sn*w is beautiful, but I still have to work all weekend...yuck!! LOL....The sky has the "funny" overcast look of Sn*w too...yuck!!!
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    I think taking the kids to the soup kitchen is a great idea! I would like to do that in a few more years when my youngest is a bit older and can really get involed
  4. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    our church helps out at a local soup kitchen once a month and a lot of time me and my two girls make cookies and donate them. We love to bake and they are thankful for them. I also take old coats , gloves , hats and any winter item we are not using - remember alot of people live outside Iam thankful as winter approaches for a warm house and a loving family -even if they are costing me an arm and a leg lol
  5. JoAnn's Avatar
    Lynn, What a wonderful idea--going to the soup kitchen--you will have to let us know how that turns out... Will you still have a dinner at home?
  6. faxonfive's Avatar
    Yeah we are still going to have a dinner, my hubby does the cooking in our house. So as long as I dont have to cook I think everyone will be fine!!! LOL.. This year it is also my hubbies - best friends b-day, so Arron (hubby) is planning everything. My Friend - Melissa - is going with me along with out three kids and her three kids...I really look forward to this. Thanks Bcoffey for the reminder, I am going to go through some of the older coats I have and take them with some blankets too.