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We've had a rather interesting week here in the not so warm South! Our state got nailed with snow, sleet and ice at the beginning of the week, enough for school to be canceled ALL 5 Days this week. To me, it was a blessing, giving ds more time to adjust following his surgery last week, without the worry of falling behind.
Having grown up in New England and living there nearly 30 years, I'm no stranger to snow and ice, so I was rather surprised when I had to rock my car back and forth in order to get enough grip with the tires to get out of my own driveway to take ds to his dr. appointment. We even saw a car flipped over along the way!

He's doing much better, but the swelling in his hand hasn't gone down much, which is a concern.

Now, it's a matter of figuring out how he can keep up in each of his classes at school without being able to write. I was a little frustrated with receiving a Truancy letter from the school district about his absences, particularly since I made it a point to notify the school BEFORE his surgery that he would be out for about a week AND since I went directly to his school, collected all of his books and have been in constant contact via email and fax with EACH of his teachers on a daily basis. Despite his injuries, he's still been keeping his schoolwork done on a daily basis. Imagine my surprise at receiving a truancy letter demanding I be at a meeting to create a "written plan" to improve my Straight A students' attendance. The same student who is one of only 2 students in the entire School District to be personally invited by Duke University to be part of their Talent program. Oy vey? Really people??

Holy Crap, The neighbors were probably wondering who the hell I was yelling at when I opened that letter and read it! (and they were off camping several hundred miles away!!).

In any case, It was simply a matter of "automatic" reply letters in the computer system. Which brings me to a pet peeve of mine... are people so lazy at their jobs that they need everything to be automated these days? What ever happened to the personal touch?

As if that weren't aggravating enough, as we were headed out the door, it occurred to me that it was a bit chillier than normal and after taking a look at the furnace I discovered that it wasn't working any longer. The house had dropped 12 degrees! Luckily after the doc appointment, I was able to get it running again without calling a repair guy.

So, all minor blow-outs aside, the week has been relatively uneventful. Yesterday I managed to make 6 lbs of beef jerky. I'm hoping to make some fruit roll ups today so the kids will have munchies all weekend (which is extra long due to the school cancellation today and MLK day on Monday!).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. KawaiiGiggle's Avatar
    A personal touch? You mean like the rubber stamp? That's probably on there. :P Sorry.. I don't get why schools are like that. When I was in high school I was battling depression pretty bad, my mom called and said how my doctor was playing around with meds, and I would be out for a while. She got my books, made plans with teachers so she could meet with them to give them my homework and everything. We got letters and all sorts of nonsense. I don't get it one bit.