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Holidays Fun and Not

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Starting right before Thanksgiving we started the run through the holidays fast and furious. Celtic Woman Concert - A Christmas Carol at the Omaha Playhouse Theatre - alway great - Tonic-So-Fa - first time to their accapela concert and was delighted.
Our in-home Holiday "Come and Go" was well attended and totally fun to prepare for then the Sunday before Christmas received call that oldest son was in crash and had been resucitated on site and in very critical condition. WHAT? it was like time moved in too slow a motion since we are two days away - little way of communicating long distance but on the phone constantly for many many calls over next two days - once we'd talked with main physician caring for him, we packed the car. Nothing else mattered. I know you parents will understand. Christmas is the celebration of God's son to Earth and that Son was to help us to ours. As they are to all dark couds the silver linings were to see other children and g-kids and family along way - there and back. Son is out of ICU - has had many surgeries but is actually laughing out loud in approprately places and knowing this will be a long process back to total recovery. We are still thanking God over and over for blessings, blessings, blessings... and for road travel mercies as we were nearly run into the minimum of 11 times by people on phones and texting as they drove. New Year and lots to look forward to ...

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    received call that oldest son was in crash and had been resucitated on site and in very critical condition.
    OMG, I couldn't imagine receiving that call!!

    How is he doing now? How are you doing these days? It's amazing how many things need to be done when your child gets hurt that you don't really think about until you're trying to manage everything at once- the house, their meds, their physical therapy, appointments, surgeries, your own work, etc.

    It's like life comes at you 100mph and slams you right in the face. On your point about texting- it's AMAZING to me the number of people that text and drive. Come to think of it, we've seen some incredible things over the years. A few years ago, while traveling across country to see family, we were driving through New York State , around 1 or 2 in the morning. There was a woman swerving back and forth, dh and I had a bet going as to whether she was drunk or falling asleep. We got up beside her to pass, and she was WATCHING A MOVIE. Seriously! She had one of those Mini-Tv screens STRAPPED to her Steering Wheel with the steering column tilted up and was watching a dat gum MOVIE!!!

    I don't think I ever dialed the police so fast in my life.

    In any event, I hope things are looking up for you.
  2. Tashdan's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, what horrible news during the holidays! I sure hope your son is doing better! The laws on texting are useless, I see people on hand held cell phones all the time talking, texting. The police in our area are just as bad, we see them on handhelds constantly. You would think that they'd have enough sense to purchase a bluetooth!