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Hellacious Day

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This has been one Hellacious day! To begin with, I spent nearly 4 hours adding some new features, starting bright and early. Just about the time I was ready to flip the switch, so to speak, the database tables crashed and burned. It took more than 4 hours to restore the site back to 7 am, which in turn erased ALL that I had been working on, including the daily freebie posts. So I spent an additional 2 hours reposting the same freebies that I'd already posted!

Then, out of the blue, some kids show up at my house asking to buy chickens, which struck me as very odd. In the process of catching one of the chickens for them (I figured if they had the nuggets to stop in and ask, the least I could do was oblige!), I managed to somehow get half of a 2x4 embedded underneath (& cross-way) of my fingernail. Which I didn't even notice until I got back inside and returned to the restoration of my site. At which point it felt like someone slammed my finger with a hammer suddenly. I had to slit it open with a razor just to be able to dig it out. Well boys, no worries about stocking up for the winter, I've got a cord of wood right here!

Then, I sent ds out to get the mail, to which I'd discovered an insurance error. I spent the afternoon playing phone tag with our agent. I've got to say, he was considerably more frustrated than I at the underwriting department. In the meantime, I finally discovered what was causing the site loading errors in the google chrome browser. Unfortunately, it's due to our Ad codes. If I remove them, I can't afford the costs of running the site. If I leave them, people cannot view the site in google chrome.

I sent an email to our sponsors requesting code that parses properly, but haven't heard anything back yet. As you can see from our current site ads, we're only running on google ads at the moment.

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