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13 days to go

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Got one last gift to get and then I'm done. Got our 3rd snow but only got about 2 inches but the bitter cold with it has taken a toll here. Highs around 13. Sending the kids out on turns to get drinking water for the animals and collect eggs before they freeze. Will be below freezing all week. Just hoping to get a little warmer then this weekend has been. Couldn't get the house warm at all and went around this morning and discovered my daughter's window wasn't shut all the way. Took 3 of us to get the ice chipped and get it shut and locked all the way. Sure warmed up the house! Life is good now that my toes are thawing out! Hope ya all have a lovely holiday season!

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  1. splashangel's Avatar
    Thats cold! I just came from outside barefoot.Not cold at all here.Wishing you warm holidays and toes.