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Checking in

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I haven't had a moment to myself and the last day for 2 weeks that I have a day off. I'm teaching emergency Preparedness lessons and must of found the winning combination because after the first class my e-mail box is way overflowing and I flat down turn my phones off if I'm home! Check the messages twice a day. This isn't a paying job, it's my ministry. the Lord told me I needed to do this so here I am, running full tilt. I've also been doing the Blog radio show's. here's the first one if you'd like to hear my story. Sorry the volumn isn't to good as it was done over the phone. Will be doing others soon and have to proper equipment now to do them. You can listen here live, or listen 24/7 later:

I keep pleading for strength to do this and trust Him to help if He wants me to continue. My state Dept of Em. Services is coming to my class tomorrow night in Albany, MO as they think they'd like for me to take this statewide for them.

Better get busy and get things done here, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and well. Just running much faster than I had planned!

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    That is so great!! Congrats!!!!
  2. Tashdan's Avatar
    You're doing an amazing job! Thanks for sharing your show!