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Hectic Schedules . . Cadaver Dogs and More

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Fall is always an incredibly busy time for our family. The kids are back to school, they're in sports, Civil Air Patrol, drama and various other activities. A couple weeks ago our youngest son was invited by Duke University to join their TIP program. The guidelines are that students must score in the 95% or above in order to qualify.
Last year he scored 715 out of a possible 715 on his State Test. So now, in 7th grade, he is scheduled to take the SAT's. The program is amazing and offers some challenging programs, however, the summer programs carry a hefty price, $3,400 for a 3 week session. That's not exactly within my current budget! So if you see a few new ads popping up on the site, well, you'll know why!

Then, two days after we received that news, we received a letter from the School District, he's also been invited to join the Patriots Writing Society, which instantly conjures images of the Dead poets society when I hear the name mentioned. Although it is another great opportunity, it also runs a couple days a week and leaves me constantly checking the calendar and the clock.

It's not all work though, dh and I recently had a chance to go crabbing for a day. It was super cold and very windy. We really had a wonderful day together, just the two of us. It was a long ride home though, nearly 3 hours and after crabbing for 9 hours or so, we weren't in the mood to unload the fishing equipment from the back of my car. I didn't really think anything of it, he'd grabbed the cooler (which to my knowledge contained the food/drinks/bait, etc) and I'd grabbed the other cooler, which contained our catch.
I was busy all day Monday, with cleaning, returning phone calls for dh's business, catching up on the housework, etc. By evening when I had to run ds to one of his events, as I climbed into the car, my nostrils were assaulted by the most heinous stench one could imagine. I looked in my rearview to see the large rubbermaid tote containing our traps, which I promptly removed from my car. I left the windows down, hoping the smell would go away on its own. Fast forward to this morning, when I absolutely couldn't take it anymore. I removed everything from my car, scrubbing it thoroughly, the container of our fishing equipment sitting on the picnic table just a few feet away. Over the drone of the radio I heard a faint buzzing noise that just wouldn't quit. That's when I realize
I opened that bucket only to discover that dh had NOT put the bait (raw turkey necks and smoked herring) back in the cooler like I thought, but instead had placed them on the bottom of the tote and set our crab traps on top. Both had thought the other had taken care of the bait, while in reality, NO one had.

Needless to say, if a Cadaver dog ever tromps past my car, I guarantee he'll do a double take!

It took nearly 5 hours of airing it out with the doors open (after a thorough cleaning out). I had a couple of those lovely single serve coffee pods (that I received as samples in the mail) opened those and popped them under the seats.
The car now smells like a freshly brewed pot of coffee, which to me, smells like heaven. Persistence pays off!

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