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Fall back......

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I do so look forward to getting that extra hour of sleep next month!!! Isnt it the first Sunday in November??? I heard somewhere that they were gonna do away with the daylight savings time thingey....is this true???

Back to work...


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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    Ok so I googled it and it says November 7 2010. I hope they dont get rid of it. I am right there with you about looking forward to the extra hour myself! My alarm goes off every morning at 4:50 am I hate it!
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Yes we get to Fall back in 2 weeks! I just hate the Spring forward part of day light savings thing.
  3. KawaiiGiggle's Avatar
    Oh man.. All I can think about for this past month is about that extra hour of sleep.. I am one happy panda. ^_^
  4. Liss's Avatar
    Well, we've set the clocks back, but I still haven't quite adjusted, I wake up at 5 am on the dot. Bummer, so much for the extra hour of sleep!