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Farm Sharing???

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So I am looking into doing a farm share. I have heard of it before, but not to familiar with it. Anyone out there have information on it? I live in a metro area, and don't have room for growing my own stuff, but thought maybe this is the way to go? I would love any information on it if you got it! Thanks

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  1. crankycheryl's Avatar
    Where are you, btm? We're in Vermont where there are lots of CSA farms, and we've been a member for years. Here's a link to ours for more info about how they work:
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Well not familiar with farm sharing but I know many communities have unclaimed or bare land they set up community garden areas. First come , first serve gets a small plot to grown on. You'd be amazed at how much you can grow in flower pots and containers also! Lived overseas in a tiny apt. but we had fresh produce year round just off the pots in our windows. Check and see if your community has free garden plots for anyone who wants them!