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Life among the oranges

Neighbors helping neighbors

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Got a frantic call Wednesday night. My next door neighbor had to go to the hospital. The good thing was that the home nurse was there, calling for EMS. We were called to see if we would keep the 13 yo Gdaughter. Not a problem, we kept her the last time the neighbor went in.
Been kinda of hard, getting her up for school and making sure the homework is done. Then going to see her Gmother at the hospital.
Good thing is Gmother is being released sometime today.

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    It's nice to be able to count on neighbors when you need to. how great you were able to help out!
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Nice you know each other well enough to do this. I might be the new kid on the block but in my very rural neighborhood I know everyone with in a 5 mile radius. We made a point when we got on our feet of making up Christmas baskets and delivering them to all our neighbors. took us most of a week but we had lots of fun meeting everyone! I figured they all knew who I was because they all had lived here all their life. Most of them came over and helped get us enclosed enough so we'd be out of the elements when the kids and I moved here homeless but sure didn't remember every body. Pretty stressful living with 5 kids in a tent on the Mo/IA border in February! Not to mention DH was in Afghanistan also and we were 7 months away from getting phones or electric due to being so far off the beaten path. So God bless each and everyone of my neighbors, sorry it took me a couple years to pull me together enough to go out and meet them all again when I was fit to remeber who they were!