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Ways to survive in hard times

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So my dh lost his job this July. So unexpected! But praise God he finally got a new job and is in training. We haven't got a paycheck though since July. I will admit, I did get nervous at first, but we worked it out, not one of us, but both of us together.We have done so well. The mortage is paid, car payments made, food on the table, and praise God the lights and water are all on! hehe We didn't get all this stuff done though over night! It has taken many years of major money mistakes ( we have been homeless before, cars repoed, lights off.......I could go on for dayz! ) to get here, right here. I am proud to say we did it, and for the first time I feel so proud of us! We are all grown up ( at 31 )lol!
I am so glad though that I can be frugale. I see so many people who don't know how to handle tuff finiacial situtations. Could it be that for so many years that we had NO money? Having a family at such a young age? Probably, but hey I am thankful for these times, and the ruff times in the past because it has taught me how to live, even when times are good.
I meal plan, shop at places like the grocery outlet, make my own chicken broths and sauces. I have to say it isn't hard to do.
So life is good here in PDX! I know one day my own kids will look back at the things my dh and I do, and hopefully live by example. I hope and pray that my kids will take our frugale ways and mirror our behavior.
I am glad that I came about this sight, I have learned some great tools to be responsible! Thanks

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Well done! Being prepared sure makes those hard times easier to handle! I remember well 1980-81 both being out of work and living on $403 a month unemployment and not able for either of us to find work. We actually gleaned moldy corn from harvested fields to eat. thankfully our home sold 2 weeks before it was to be repo'ed. Last years disaster went so much smother because we had cash saved and plenty of food and supplies. 4 month's of no shopping at all and we used all the savings up and had to make catch up payments but we skated through much better than before! Hope you can get your reserves replenished quickly before the next disaster hits!
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    I am proud of you beans.....your nare an inspiration to alot of people. With the economy the way it is and is going, maybe many more will look these examples and learn. Thank you for sharing!!

    God Bless you and your family!!!