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Oh gee whiz......I have been "putting things off" all week!!! Then when I get to the last minute and it HAS to be done.....I am kicking myself cause I didn't do it earlier!!!

Just had to get that out ..... I feel better that I told on myself, now I will get on the with what is to be done.....whew....thanks for listening!!

Headed to Va. Beach today for more training for work....3 hour drive......then of course they are letting us out of training at 4pm on a FRIDAY......I am dreading the drive both ways! The tunnel is frightening (I have my dramimine) and the traffice coming back home....

I'll settle down in a few hours.......no stress no stress!!


later Friends!!!


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  1. michelle69's Avatar
    I hope you had a safe and uneventful trip.
  2. dct9000's Avatar
    We listen to you and you listen us, that's what friends are for. I feel for you, my thing is bridges. I go white knuckle driving over them. It is even worse if they go up, then I have to get in the left lane, so I can't see over the sides, and drive at 10 mph. I can laugh about it after I get home and calm down some.
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    It was so stressfull......but I MADE IT!! I thought I had figured out a way to get back without going through a tunnel....but that didnt work......ended up having to go through a different one again......the traffic was so bad......I am so GLAD to be home.....I will NEVER go there again......

    I have a friend of mine who is deathly scared of the bridges as well and she drives in the left lane too.....

    Thank you both so much for the help!!