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The life and mind of Tarrien

Weekend work..

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Well, my work cut all my hours down to only working weekends. I don't really mind, except all the meet up groups and festivals are much more common over the weekend. Ah well. I think I'm stuck working Halloween. I really hope I'm allowed to dress up, that's all I really would like to do!

Friend of mine saw that Left4dead was on sale on the steam website and bought them for me and her.... unfortunately my computer can't seem to handle it and goes to the blue screen of doom any time I try to play. It makes me want to go get a new computer all together just for gaming at this point.

I've found that even though Whole Foods is one of the most expensive stores (but closest to where I live*) that there's one thing I can find there cheaper than anywhere else... That item, is Ricemilk. Lactose intolerance is irritating when every substitute other than soy is more than $2 for one quart. And at wholefoods if you get the 365 brand its 1.69.

Finding that recently I'm not interested in shopping at all... Like genuinely don't want to buy anything... Its weird but I guess its better for me right now to be content.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear about them cutting your hours!! I will keep you in my prayers!!!