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Life among the oranges

Yesterday and Today

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Didn't get much done yesterday. Got a call from my daughter. Her job is saying that she didn't get her MMR shot, duh, she's 30 something and has been working with them for 8 years now. Reminded her that she has her shot record from the Army. Now this is one place that makes sure you get every shot and then some.

Splurged last night, hubby took me out to eat. Loved it, no mess, no fuss, & no dishes. Today has been washing & cleaning. We are having perfect weather here, hung my clothes on the line. Nothing smells as good as sheets off the line. Well, maybe the smell of baking bread ranks right up there.

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Various Thoughts


  1. michelle69's Avatar
    Two of my favorite scents.

    On the idea that your daughter didn't have her MMR.... The hospital tried telling me that I didn't have an MMR after the birth of each of my three sons. Come to find out I'm one of those people who that specific vaccine doesn't "take" on. Not only did I have all the required shots through my younger years, but I had a dose after the first two of my boys. After the third one I told them they were wasting their time and vaccine.
  2. dct9000's Avatar
    Thanks Michelle, I'll let her know.