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Life among the oranges

Freezers Meals

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Got the house aired out yesterday. Today I got a CPR class that will take up most of the day & evening. Good thing is that I did make my menus for the month, so last night I put today meal in the icebox to defrost. I have a large chest type freezer, it is a life saver for me. I try to cook large meals on non work days, then by freezing the left overs - TADA - I have premade meals for when I do work or have a busy day. Hubby likes baked ziti which is sooo easy to fix, so I make two and freeze one. I make 3 to 4 meat loafs at a time and after cutting them up in serving size I freeze them. Not only can I serve the meatloaf as dinner, I can also make sandwiches to take to work. Yum-Yum

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