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It's Friday!!!

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I know I know....those few dayz ended up being months.....long story!!!

Well a little update on me:

My oldest daughter (Erica) has been in a local community college and still working hard......living in her own apartment and "starting" to grow up - for a 21 year old....I guess I need to cut those strings.....

My son AJ is now in College in Kutztown PA.....this is his first year and he lives on campus.....majoring in teaching....he plans on being a vision teacher for the special ed. Very proud of his goals and HIM. (Two days after dropping him off at college - late August -I had to rush back up to PA because he had to have emergency surgery for his appendix - whew that was crazy and a long 5 hour drive - but thank God he is safe!!)

My youngest daughter (Deanne) is now a senior in high school, taking all AP classes (college courses that are free), she was certified as a CNA last year. She had surgery two months ago on her right foot because she had a condition called Ostiomylitus) something about an infection in her joints and bones...that was due to her stepping on a nail three years ago, even though she took ALL her antibiotic, got her tetinus and the doctor cleaned it out....the nail was a little to deep and the doctor and us were un-aware of the results later. But it was taken care of (hopefully) and she will recover 100% we were told by the doctors. He goal is to go to Virginia Tech next year and she is gonna major in either Vet medicine or Physical Therapy medicine. I am very proud of her too.

Well as for me.........

I have now been working for Ziplocal for a year now and I love the people I work with, the company is great and the customers have been wonderful as well!! Check us out at www.ziplocal.com..... I now live in the Fredericksburg Va area in a cute little two bedroom house that I am renting. I have lost over 100 pounds and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! I have energy that I never knew I had!! I still budget ALOT....... I have changed my way of thinking and have a positive attitude each day I wake up!! I believe the glass is half-full......one day at a time and don't sweat the small stuff!

I miss my budget101 friends and I was so excited to see the new updates and the facebook page......how in the world do you keep up Liss????

You are all still in my thoughts and prayers....and I hope to be on more........

With love and friendship......missing yall bunches!!


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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    My goodness woman, first thing I saw before I started reading was your picture. I thought my goodness, she has lost some weight! You were beautiful before and still beautiful today. In your pic you look so happy.

    I have to hop on here every day, can't help it just might miss something if I don't. Don't always post but have to check things out.

    Loved reading the update, hope everyone is healthy and happy.
    Take care hun!
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    So glad to hear things are going well for you! I have heard of ziplocal, my DH almost went to work for them!!
    Ok soooooo tell me how did you do it???
    I have lost over 100 pounds and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! I have energy that I never knew I had!!

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    I am so interested in hearing about your story on that one. My weight has been a huge battle for the past 7 years. I need some inspiration. Glad you are doing well!
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    glad to hear from you. sounds like life is going very well. You look fabulous! Hope to see you around here more often.

  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Hey Kim!!! Hi Beans!!! Helllooooo Nicole!!! I have really missed yall so MUCH!! I always knew you all were here but I had to get my life back on track.

    Hey Beans....your hubby almost went to work for Ziplocal??? They are a great company to work for....I had worked for this company before and they merged with Ziplocal - from the west coast........they have great benefits and the people are also great......they are "on the fast track" so to speak...I love it working here!!!

    Well my weight lost was ALOT of will power!!! Of course the ex left so that started the ball rolling.......but the biggest part was me sitting in front of a mirror one day and looking at myself.......I didnt like what I saw......if I didnt like me - this needed a change........so I did it on my own....it took ALOT of willpower to start to get up between 5 and 6 am to start the walks.......which then lead to jogging and that lead to RUNNING!!! I loved it.....too a few months but it helped!! My friend Melissa (who is a budget101 girl too) bought me an mp3 and I would just put those earplugs on and start the walking....and so on......

    I would eat a lite breakfast....snack on grapes or a small peice of fruit if I got hungry during the day....eat a nice (no greasy food!!) lunch and then dinner would be very lite and NOTHING (I MEAN NO FOOD) after 6 pm........if I had a craving for something I would eat shaved ice......it wasnt bad on the teeth and it curbed my appetite....I used a snowcone machine my kids had gotten tired of using......

    I went from a size 16 to a size 8.....which I am now!!! Its amazing...I still want to lose more cause I know I need to....but I have been told by alot of people that I look 10 years younger than I did before.....

    that motivation has helped me alot....

    Do it for YOU,,,,not someone else! I like (love) myself now!!

    Good luck - I really mean it....keep me posted.....

    Love yall!!