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It is a sad thing that I have finally learned the joys of cooking in a Pressure Cooker and now the gasket on mine keeps going bad. I am on my third one and now it needs replaced again. So how long are gaskets supposed to last? Perhaps I still don't use my cooker enough to keep the doggone thing from dry-rotting? Or maybe it's time to break down and buy one of those new-fangled fancy ones? No, that's too expensive. The gasket only costs around $5; the cooker around $50 or more! In spite of the fact that the gasket leaked, my beef stew still cooked up quickly and the meat was just as tender as could be! I guess I can still get away with it for cooking, but I had better get a new gasket before I can anything in it!

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    On your gasket, are you removing it and washing it in warm soapy water after Every use? Lots of times people neglect to do this, which drastically shortens the life of the gasket. (Despite what the replacement gasket inserts say, do not wash it in the dishwasher- they break down ALOT faster). Some gaskets have a right and a wrong side when they are installed as replacements, be sure that its right side up.

    If the gasket feels tacky or sticky, it should be replaced, or if it has shrunken to the fit to the lid or too stretched out to lie smoothly. Make sure that when you replace your gasket you are replacing it with the exact brand/model of the original manufacturer of your pressure cooker. If you use a gasket that isnt recommended for your cooker, you risk getting very serious burns.

    When you store your unit, make sure the lid is facing upward, rather than on a closed pot- (which compresses the gasket and shortens the life of it).

    It is a Myth that you should OIL your gasket with vegetable or mineral oil. Oils get much hotter than water and when you use your cooker, you will be frying you gasket.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    I hate gaskets! Need a new one and can't find one. Now days at least you have internet so you have hope of getting one soon! I gave up on pressure cookers/canners with gaskets years ago and buy the brand now that doesn't have gaskets at all. I'm much happier not messing wuth gaskets at all!
  3. FruGal's Avatar
    Guess I'm still living in the Dark Ages because I didn't even know that they made pressure cookers w/o gaskets!