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I'm home again!

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Had a great time on our trip but as we left family in Mapleton Utah and headed south to Arches National Park something snapped in all 4 of us! To get down to Arches we tok I-15 to Hwy 50 then got on I-70. Well I-70 runs all the way to Maryland and goes right through Kansas City (2 hours from home!) Well I've always wanted to go to Mesa Verda NP and that was the next day but when we all hit I-70 we all said together "HOME!!!" We took a quick vote and decided to cut the last two days out and head toward home instead. Spent the night in Colby KS and then got home at 3PM Friday afternoon. DH & I are sleeping a lot and kids jumped right back into their life's. One is at work and the other went to her bag pipe lesson and then going to Renaissance Festival with friends afterwords in KC. Trips are wonderful things but it's always good to get home!

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  1. michelle69's Avatar
    Welcome home! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip.