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The life and mind of Tarrien

Blue Jean recycling

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So, I'm getting ready to move, once again. I just don't get along with my roommates that well, I'm leaving on good terms with them... but with me... I'm not really too pleased with them. Bleh, I'm just glad my bestest wants me to come live with her again ^^

I found a couple pairs of bluejeans of mine that have rather large holes in them (unwearable at this point*) and cut the pants leg to make a small pouch. I added a drawstring as well... its not the best, but for my first try at sewing something a little more complex than just touch ups to my purse.... I'd say I did a pretty good job.

My job as a waitress is going rather well on the other hand. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Free meal and the pay is nice (Even though its not the best, I can live off it*). Need to start packing... just been out of it though...

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  1. bamo72's Avatar
    I also am using old blue jeans, cutting them into quarters and sewing them together to make like a rug for my boys room. Also, if you google how to make a blue jean bag-it gives get and easy step by steps to make a larger bag. Love using the old faded comfortable jeans, and my boys can go through them.