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Half way through our trip

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first full week so so spectacular! I so loved my time with the Indian tribe at Wounded Knee, SD and then next day with the Crow Indian Tribe at Little Big Horn, MT. Their All Crow Indian rodeo was the greatest one I've ever been to! They kept everything running really fast. when they had a break in action they opened the gates and ran a horse race and then quickly closed them to go back to another attraction. No chance to get bored there! Glacier NP, MT/Canada was so amazing! Only stayed one full day but was able to do some hiking and saw great stuff. Washington was great. Spent most of 3 days at the Olympic NP. Loved our time at Sol Duc Resort! Oregon Was great but hit fog there. We got a good picture as we were driving to Mt Rainier but by the time we got there it was socked into fog. Mt St Helen's was socked in also. Up at the visitor's center we could at least see the crater. Had a goo time walking the trails. The movie they showed was very good. We all wanted to go see it again! We had planned to drive around Crater lake but came in from the north and it was socked in and snowing. We were all so disappointed but half way around the west side the clouds lifted and we could see the whole thing! Bonus the visitor's Center was open late until 8PM so we got to go in there also and found some very unusual gifts! Crescent City CA was great. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and none of us wanted to leave! Drove down Hwy 1 to San Francisco. Took the girl's on the trolley Cars to the Wharf to shop and eat and then rode the trolley back and drove on out to our hotel. Did Yosemite NP today and was such a let down after the parks we'd already seen! None of use even wants to go see Sequoia NP tomorrow so we'll spend time here in Fresno and then drive on to Las Vegas tomorrow. Riding horses at Red Rocks early the next morning.

Will be spending time with family in Utah Friday through Wednesday but have several places to go while there so will be very busy. About now we are wondering why we scheduled 3 whole weeks! We are so amazed at all we've seen and ready to go home!

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