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Taking Advantage of the Weather!

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What a long Week folks! It's been absolutely gorgeous outside and I wanted to take advantage of this weather while I could. I managed to get the lawn mowed, although I discovered a small hole in the mower deck of my riding tractor, which allows the cut grass to blow directly onto my right side as I mow. Unfortunately, I didn't discover this until AFTER I mowed the Poison Oak that was sprouting along the new fencing I installed for my horse.

So, next week, look for a post on how to patch a lawn mower deck. hahaha. I finally had a chance to mix up a wash and scrub the vinyl siding on our house. I had forgotten how tiring it can be to the legs to stand on a ladder for hours at a time and I'm really feeling it today, but boy, the house looks Great!

The kids headed back to school a couple weeks ago and our family is back in full swing fall mode. I'm frustrated with the school district here though. They don't offer ANY Foreign language except to High School Seniors. Seriously- why wait until a kids LAST Year of high school to give them the basic foundation of a new language??! You would think, being in the South, that the schools would at the very least offer Spanish, but nada.

So, with the growing number of folks in our area that are primarily Spanish speaking, I've taken on the challenges of learning it myself as well as teaching my kids. It's been a challenge, but we're getting better!

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Speaking of Challenges, I thought that I'd challenge our family's fear of heights- by taking the kids Climbing! I was nothing short of amazed at the wall my Youngest tackled and Conquered! I watched several grown men FAIL at getting past the second inversion on this climb.
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All in all, it was an amazing day and well worth the drive. Wonder what today will bring . . .

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