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Life on the run.. as usual!

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Having a great week here. Making something for our trip each day. Made plain wheat thins one day. A batch of beef jerky the next day. Was going to make another batch of wheat thins today but we wanted to try mixing in chopped up sun dried tomatoes and basil and I was out of tomatoes so had to run to town. Needed to stock up bleach and salt pellets for our water system anyway so not a wasted trip. Made bread instead today and will try to do crackers tomorrow. Our son is staying here while we are gone so need to make sure he has all he needs to deal with everything. We still need to lay in feed for the livestock. I usually reduce feed by feeding them sprouts each day. Chicks also free range during the day. I make up 5 pounds of sprouts each day and really don't see my son making up sprouts each day! So Starting tomorrow I will wind down the sprouting operation and make sure he has extra feed to cover it. He's agreed to scramble excess eggs once a week and pour them into plastic bags and freeze them so I can dry them after I get back. I told him he could also take them to the food pantry on a Tuesday or Thursday if he wanted to take them to town. I'll make up more wheat thins in various flavors and another batch of beef jerky. I already had done up trail mixes and tons of fruit leather so we should have lots of snacks to eat along the way. Don't know if they'll last a month or not but figure it would keep from buying expensive junk at those gas stations along the way. Got two cases of bottled water and several cases of juices. Can replenish the bottled water along the way. We are all so excited about our upcoming trip! the girl's and I had hoped to do some camping out along the way but dear ole Dad vetoed that idea. Between Military Inns and Free nights from points earned on his deployments we will only have to stay at one hotel we pay full price. It was fun calling in to make reservations with his points. The folks at Hilton were great to work with! They made sure we got the nicest rooms. This time next week my husband will be fully retired. the next day we report to base to get our retiree military ID cards and early the next day we take off and will spend a couple days in South Dakota. We all love South Dakota! We're allowing some extra time to go see stuff we haven't seen before. I'll try to drop a few notes along the way! Better get running here, got lots to do!


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  1. michelle69's Avatar
    I hope you enjoy your trip!
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Sounds like tons of Fun! Have a great time