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Oh Happy Day!

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A few days ago, I unplugged my laptop to run downstairs and copy some stuff off. When I came back up and plugged it back in I couldn't get it to go. Turned the computer around and where the connection point was nothing but a black hole. Took it 90 miles to St Jo Missouri to the Computer Geek location. They said it couldn't be saved but they removed the hard drive and burned it all onto a portable hard drive so I wouldn't lose my data. Got home and my husband and kids all pitched in and had a new laptop for me. My husband had me go and reserve 8 nights at Hampton Inns with his bonus points and it cost us $12.50. Our bonus for his deployment to Houston. We'll get another 3 free nights from Holiday Inn also and the rest of our 3 week trip will be at Military Inns along the way and a few nights with family members. Can't wait until our trip begins on August 20th. So looking forward to seeing the NW part of our country. I've seen most of the US but never been to Oregon or Washington States. Always wanted to drive down the coastal highway too and will get to do that also.

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