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The life and mind of Tarrien


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Its been a busier week than normal. I chalk it up to not working regularly for a LONG time. I'm just glad my schedule doesn't make me work mornings- I am not a morning person anymore.

I've been learning pretty fast how the store and such works. Its not bad, and I can talk to my coworkers pretty easily ^^ . But everyone seems to be leaving as I just get in! Mainly because of other responsibilities and I understand that (Band, moving, etc)

My best friend threw a small celebration party yesterday- for a personal victory. Her room mate cooked some amazing manicotti~ And we just kicked back and hung out the rest of the night. She kinda fell asleep before I left as well so I left her a small drawing saying I was proud of her and congratulations so I could at least tell her again if she didn't wake up as I was leaving. She liked it a lot.... sometimes the best kind of "cards" are the homemade ones.... It makes it more personalized.

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  1. DorofromKs's Avatar
    Oh Tarrien! You are so right about the homemade cards! People love to know that people are taking the time to make something that is intended just for them.