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Home Sweet Home

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My trip to Houston ended early because our supplier who we were waiting around for called and said a machine they needed to fill our order had broken down and they wouldn't be able to fill the order. No use sitting around and waiting if they can't fill the order so got home last night. I had done every thing I wanted to do. Spent a day at the temple, visited old friends and spent two days with my niece. I was very pleased to see that the oil had not reached the Texas coast line. My niece took me down to Galveston Island and then out to eat at a lovely Greek Restaurant. I confess I've never in whole life eaten Greek food and really enjoyed the place she took me. So here I am back in the saddle running like a crazy person again. I got 3 Jasmine bushes to plant here at home. Years ago I spent the winter with my sister down on the gulf coast and was able to leave my window open all night long and could smell the Jasmine from the bush my sister had. I will have to bring it in every Fall and then took it out after all chance of freezing happens but really wanted to try growing Jasmine here. My husband said we could make the trip to Arkansas later this year. Will be a nice two day trip now that we will be home all the time. They were in route from our trip back from Texas but now we will have to make a special trip down to get our load whenever they are ready to fill it. Oh well, Good to be back home even if it is just for a few weeks.

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  1. DorofromKs's Avatar
    Glad you had a nice time and glad you have the family back together!