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The life and mind of Tarrien

Freebie woes ._.

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So apparently I've found the downside to freebies. My current roommates are jealous. Mainly since they're like "....why do you get the good mail....?" I told them I sign up for it and they're just like "But! But! But! Its not fair :C " I still look for stuff I don't want that they'd want though...put it under their name to surprise them....

I guess its not so bad right now. I've been just coping with roommates and such... they're actually some of the best I've had so far. The only downside is that I'm kinda far from where my bestest lives so I only get to see her on Saturday if one of them wants to go downtown... Its odd since I used to practically live with her- but I guess its better now considering she finally got a job after a year of being completely unemployed (She wasn't looking too terribly hard*).

I've found that one of the best things I can do at the moment is take online surveys (dollar surveys*) to help out. Only problem is I only know of one site... Anyone have any suggestions?

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