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Happy Friday!

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I've been running so hard and fast and feeling so wore out. Yesterday at 5am I'm in the truck going around collecting teens going to our church Youth Conference. I got home after dropping them all off including my 2 daughters and gave up and went to bed. Phone started ringing and had to wait for all my sister's to check in over the latest Family mess. And I did a little work in between and then I was able to lay down with a book and read until I feel asleep and slept for 5 hours! Got up and tried to catch up on some work that needed to be done and deal with stuff but by 9PM I was exhausted so went on to bed. Now I'm back on track. Up at 4am and had a small bowl of watermelon and had scripture study and went out and took care of animals and then came in and did my 40 minute yoga routine and had a couple nectarines and then went out and started hauling my daily quota of compost to the garden and making up my garden mix. By 7am I've got all my heavy stuff done and now can coast through the rest of my day. Glad to finally be back on track here! Some times You just got to take a break and recover and get a good start again. Will be headed to Houston in 9 days to go collect my husband. So excited to finally be getting us back together and fully retired. Hope you have a very blessed day and weekend!

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