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The life and mind of Tarrien


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So I recently had a job... Not a bad job but I knew I was overkill since the store had little traffic... got fired for that reason. Ah well... It was too far from where I lived anyways~

I also found that due to this site I pick out sales a lot faster and easier than most of the people my own age. XD Its kinda cool since people always want to take me shopping with them.

Yesterday people were setting off fireworks not even down the street from me.. I love fireworks... they make the sky so pretty.... even if the air gets a little .... harsh? Might be the word I'm looking for? I'm hoping they'll set more off really soon since its almost 9pm.... I'm thinking of going fireworks hunting in my area just to watch some.

Not much else going on with me~ Just enjoying the time off and STILL looking for a more permanent job than the ones I've been finding. >_o Hopefully something comes through soon.'

Happy 4th everyone :3

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