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A beautiful Sunny Day

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Cooled down to around 80 today. Much nicer than all those 98 degree days we've been having. No rain either for 24 hours! Humidity dropped a little making it more livable too! Our faithful old dog that came into our lives on Nov 25, 1993 died on June 12, 2010. It's taken all of us some time to recover from his loss. We've all been busy working either here on the farm or at jobs. We are totally redoing our garden beds this year so not much garden to be had for us this year. We have 35 beds and only planted 2 of them this year, just enough to give us some fresh stuff to enjoy and we have! Another week and it will begin my very busy travel time. Family reunion tied to a trip to central Arkansas to met with a supplier. Then July 19th I leave for 2 weeks in Houston. Will visit many old friends and family and collect my husband and his stuff and head back home with a stop back in central Arkansas for a load of supplies before going on home. DH has 2 weeks of work with his home Guard unit and then he will be officially retired. 100% retired, home full time! Oh we are all so excited! We have enough projects to keep him busy for a good 7 years so he won't have to wonder what to do with himself! We'll be leaving for a month, mid August for a trip back west. Part pleasure, part work related. I'm teaching some Emergency Prep classes along the way so had to schedule things to fit my schedule. I had my final surgery on June 15th and feel much better. My HMO finally decided to cover the removal of key benign tumors to eliminate the pain I had been in. I know so many had been praying for me and for those faithful prayers I am so very grateful. I'm still here kicking around and life is ever so good!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    So thrilled to hear that you had surgery and that it went well and are recovering. Enjoy your reunions, especially the one with your hubby.