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Disturbed in Va!!

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I need to vent!!

I was alittle disturbed yesterday when I get a called from the school system around 2:30 in the afternoon that there was a "Bomb threat" at the high scool that my kids go to. Mind you that this threat was at 12:30 and the calls was received at 2:30. Upset, nervous and scared for my kids!!

Well you wouldnt believe what happened today??
Oh yes...at 10:30 my youngest daughter calls me from a friends cell phone to tell me that she is sitting in the football field at her school with ALL of the other students at the school - yep another "Bomb threat" at 9:30 am....
I asked her was she ok, she told me "yes mom" ..I later found out that they kept the kids outside in the cold on the football field until after 1:30 without food too! The two threats were just that - threats...nothing to them THANK GOD!!

I am so frazzled, frustrated and at a lose for words....I am scared to send my kids to school!!!!

Now what???


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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Wow! All I can say is Wow. So sorry you are going through this, this is incredibly scary. Lighting a candle for your family and kids for their safety and for the jerk to be caught. I think this might be one of those times that a cell phone for a kid is a good idea (and I'm generally NOT for that!).
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    I get a feeling it is probably one of those kids who has a test and doesnt want to take it...I hope its something that simple...but in a small county like Greene Va ...it is scarey...thank you Liss.....I am headed home now.....see how the kids are and head to the next job....I will let you know how it goes....
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    How scary! Use to be that it was the kid who had a test and didn't want to take it. Today...could be a whole different story. Wishing you and your family the best. Hope they figure out who is doing this fast.
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    Thank goodness that it was only a false alarm. I will keep you and everyone w/ childern in my prayers.
  5. faxonfive's Avatar
    Well, I came in to work late this morning because Deanne had to get her braces tightened. As I was leaving I asked her if she wanted to stay home or go to school. She picked school. She loves school too - she's in the 10th grade....I was a little nervous to take her back - but I did...I signed her in and left... still a little on edge about the whole "bomb threat" thing too...the kids joke about it, but these days - you just never know. I havent heard anything - if they have caught anyone. That person needs there butt spanked too!! Thank you all for listeing to my venting. I pray that nothing really bad happens. My kids are my life...Just dont understand how people these days get a kick outa of disrupting everyone elses lives.

    Thanks again my friends!!!

    God Bless!!

  6. beansthemama's Avatar
    That is soooo scary. Makes you not want your kids in school! Thank the good Lord that it was just a scare, I am glad it all worked out ok.
  7. JoAnn's Avatar
    Sorry Lynn, but more then a butt spanking.. I could say more to that statement --- But will leave it at that, for now. Because I can't say any nice so I won't say anything..
  8. Liss's Avatar
    Because I can't say any nice so I won't say anything..
    I know better, but I can't keep my big mouth shut, so brace yourself,
    If either of my kids called in a bomb threat I would kick him in the @zz so hard he'd have to swallow to get the sneaker back down- and they Both know it.

    Not as PC as she should be.
  9. faxonfive's Avatar
    LOL, I am sorry....had to chuckle under the circumstances...I was being nice by saying a spanking too...but I agree with you JoAnn and Liss - these kids need something severe!! Nothing has happened yesterday or (knock on wood) today....but I would like to get my hands on whoever did this...I sure know they would remember my name!!!

  10. Perfect_10's Avatar
    OH MY GOSH!!! I would have freaked out too. It is so sad that the schools have not come up with a better evacuation plan in light of everything that has happened in our country. All these years after the major attack on our country, the answer is to ship the kids to the football field for HOURS. I would have been smoking!!!! My daughter has diabetes and has to eat every few hours. I cannot imagine how I would have reacted but I can guarantee that the teachers would still be talking about me today.

    OH MY GOSH...just can't believe that there was no appropriate emergency plan for situations like this.
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