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Sometimes it seems if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.
As I was fervently searching for freebies this morning to post, I was listening to the Today Show... for some reason I find myself glued to the horrible news of the Oil GUSH. It sickens me to know that the entire East Coast could be permanently affected from the irresponsibility of a money hungry corporation.
To add insult to injury, there is the fact that we'll all be paying for their errors this fall when their rates go through the roof to make up for the costs they are incurring right now and the 'loss of profit' they're experiencing as the oil Gushes into the ocean.
I see this morning that it's within 48 hours of hitting the gorgeous white sand beaches of Pensacola and in all honesty, I am so close to jumping in the car with the kids and driving straight there just so I can see it before it's pristine beauty is destroyed forever.

In the midst of this, I saw on the news that my dishwasher has been recalled due to Fire Hazard. Nice. So much for it being an energy saver!

Today is the wake of a dear friend of ours who has lost his battle with Cancer. Georgie, you were an amazing man with a great sense of humor, may you never be forgotten.

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Various Thoughts


  1. CoolCat's Avatar
    Wow! It certainly sounds like someone/something is trying your patience lady! Ride it out, this too shall pass.

    Weathering the storms that life brings us is what helps us to appreciate the good things in life.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Take a deep breath! This isn't the first time those Pristine White beaches got slicked! They will recover. Unfortunately, All those fine folks down there that make their living by fishing or tourism are going to be out of work for a good year unless they can take work cleaning those beaches off in hopes to catch the crowds next year.
  3. DorofromKs's Avatar
    Liss... I feel your sadness... Keep your chin up. Dorothy
  4. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I know, it's terrible for so many families. Those folks in LA just cant seem to catch a break, between hurricanes, oil spills, etc . . . Eventually things have to turn around!