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Crafting for Christmas

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I don't know whether it's early or late to start working on Christmas! I promised myself I wouldn't rush like always and try to give gifts that are meaningful instead of junk, but we'll see how I do. I took my first step of "shopping from myself" and went through all of my own supplies and fabrics to see what I could do before running out and buying stuff for a specific pattern. (yea me!) This is actually close to a first for me.
I'm lucky. My job is one where I sit on the phones all day, so I can cross-stitch or plan patterns and stuff in-between calls. But I've got what I want to do for my parents, my brother, and my SO. Now I just need to see if I have the time to make it.
Also trying to get as many freebies and smaller travel samplers of different soaps and such for a gift basket for Christmas for a friend of mine. I think everyone else is getting cookies or something similar.
Is it OK to feel overwhelmed for the holidays when it's still only October?

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I know what you mean. I buy cards at the end of the season and start in October with addressing and signing the cards and then spend November writing letters putting in pictures etc so that the day after Thanksgiving I can drop them in the mail. I still have the cards but they are still in the box-I haven't done anything yet and October is almost over. They will still get cards before Christmas . I am so behind and it is starting to bug me some.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    MorningG, I like your idea of getting things together (shopping from yourself first). I want to make gifts this year too. So I'll have to take inventory here. And get off my rump and get busy. I plan on making gift jars. I have to laugh right now -- on TV they are advertising Radio City Christmas tickets. And Halloween & Thanksgiving aren't here yet.

    I have my cards also--which I got at the end of the season. The Hallmark store had a Lg. selection last year. Thanks for reminding me to get them out. I usually don't send them till the second week in Dec. But I think I'll try and put them in the mail the day after Thanksgiving this year--Like you do Kim.
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    Wow, I knew I was not the only one!! I address my Christmas cards the week after Christmas for the next year...sorry...I start shopping right after Christmas to catch the "deals" and I cross stitch all year....I start to really stress around October too. Always saying that the next year will be better....I am still waiting..... So I would say it pretty normal to feel overwhelmed.....just take the time to have moments to yourself and relax...I try to and it helps!!

    God Bless!!
  4. beansthemama's Avatar
    Yeah I make all of my presents too. This year each family is getting a gingerbread kit. It will include a big red mixing bowl, gingerbread mix, frosting, gingerbread cookie cutters, candy to decorate them with, and homemade hot cocoa.